Tim, thanks for posting this article by Fjordman. There is strength and urgency in these arguments. Our message is ALIVE and growing stronger.

On a recent thread where I posted the Mantra there were two distinct streams of conversation. The usual white-hating intellectuals who were debating among themselves about the evils of Catholicism and Colonialism dominated the first thread.

The other thread contained persons concerned about the genocide of whites world-wide.

Those in the first thread were actively ignoring the raging debate that was going on all around them that focused on preserving the white race. I see this as an example of how this discussion is going to play out. The respectable conservatives and intellectuals will continue living in the past and debating among themselves, becoming more and more irrelevant. We are beginning to dominate this conversation.

Let's see them try to take it back. They are like fake professional wrestlers and we are like Fight Club. Who do you think is going to win this debate?

Comment by Woundednietzsche


Excellent point.

SF is obsessed with revolutions of the obvious sort. But in the world of real power, ruling ideas die not with a bang but with a whisper. Not a single Politically Correct assumption about nature and human nature that was absolutely de rigueur for an Intellectual in the 1950s is anything but a joke today.

Nobody knows real power because nobody remembers the real victories, and the "experts" certainly will never bring them up. No professional academic wants anyone reminding him what his ideas were decades ago.

So what IS power? Is it a torchlight parade, or is what the old man (not me) was literally shrieking at the last New Orleans convention, "Mao Tse Tung said that 'Power comes from the barrel of a gun!"

Napoleon had a fair idea of what power was about. He is near the top of anybody's list as a military genius, but he had another qualification for his appointments to top ranks: "Give me a man who is LUCKY!"

My exercising of power is in that vein. It may be just luck that caused people to start pointing out that "Labor VOTES" in the immigration debate. Before that, the discussion combined "the free movement of goods, services, and LABOR" between countries. I had to put together the entire New Right Papers to bring that argument, Societal Property Rights, into central focus. It is so obvious it is hardly noticed now.

I'm lucky that way. Fjordmann and the conservative attacking the propositional state happen to be saying what only I said for so long.

It is easy to say, and possible, that my efforts did not cause these things. I am dead certain they did, since I remember years of blank expressions when I made these points. I have a lifetime of experience boiling down arguments until I am met with that bovine stare which means they don't get it AGAIN.

I know for dead certain that when libertarians and Moonies were saying that immigration laws were just like the Berlin Wall, absolutely NOBODY else challenged it. I was the ONLY person in DC to write the Moonie Times that a jail wall works both ways, that you can't spend the night INSIDE the DC Jail without papers and you can't get OUT of DC Jail without papers. But to say that being IN the DC jail's walls is the same as being OUTSIDE those same walls is insane.

Nobody had THOUGHT of that!

I think we are responsible for these fundamental changes in thought. I KNOW that these changes in fundamental thought are infinitely more important than ANY torchlight parade or mass meeting. It is a comfort to me to know that a group of people now understands these things the way I have for so VERY long.

Even if I overestimate us, which I DON'T - I made my living doing this in the big leagues - there is no doubt about it: We are shooting in the right direction. We are dead accurate.