When a Jew says something, we all take it for granted that he is taking Jewish interests into account.

When an educated black or Oriental says something, we take into account that he is speaking both as an objective commentator but also as a black or Oriental.

But a white man must speak in entirely objective terms, and not give a damn about whites as such. The very definition of Heretic! in our society is a white man who keeps the survival of his own race in mind. This is HATE!

We all take that for granted.

Maybe it is time that SOMEBODY questioned that. Maybe it is time some MINORITIES questioned that.

Until a minority member questions that, we assume, correctly, that they are inferior. This whole idea that only whites can speak objectively is based on a twisted form of white supremacy. We do not expect minorities, no matter how educated they may be, to speak objectively.

The fact that we take this for granted so easily is because whites ae in a different category. Whites are supposed to "rise above" any consideration of their own kind. Whites are expected to be purely objective, and non-whites are NEVER expected to get up to that level.

This is stupid of whites, but such an attitude would be impossible to accept so easily if everybody, white and non-white, took it for granted that whites, and whites alone, are MORALLY superior.

Remember that for fifteen centuries, Western Christian Civilization took it for granted that a morally superior person was one who committed genetic suicide in a monastery or in the priesthood. Virginity amounting to sterility was the highest ideal.

For one who sees the world as it is, the whole structure of Political Correctness is based on an unshakeable, unquestioned faith in white supremacy.