"Nobody" says:

Bob is talking about something that takes a lot of work. It is literally a new model of perception that begins with the obvious: Most of what we were taught is wrong and to a remarkable degree the exact opposite of the truth.The truth is that all truly great human endeavors are based on race, writ large, as the living bridge between family and culture.

This requires a shift in mental conception on a par with forming a new religion, a new social order, the list just goes on. It is fundamentally foundational stuff and most people simply cower in impotent helplessness as the shift in conceptualization required to form an entirely new mindset.

All true cultures have at their founding some spiritual conception that is very different from what came before and from that comes a new religion and a new social ordering on all levels, in the realms of culture, politics, and economy.

Our biggest stumbling block is Judeo-Christianity, a tool for Jewish racial control over what Christianity has become in practice.

This presents our greatest opportunity, the reformation of Christianity (remember what happened the last time that took place) and from that a new social order built daily one minute at a time.

Ironically, so many models have been refined by our racial adversaries, the demonic Jews, that we need merely adopt and adapt the best of them, what works, and reform it into what will work better for us defined racially in terms of our posterity.

Note the tremendous efforts put forward to remove the racial component from Christianity, deliberately turning it into a universal faith, while remaking that faith over into what is most convenient for the damn Jews to control at all points.

I suspect the simplest way to develop this mindset is to frame all questions in the light of one question: Will this make the world a better place for my posterity, in general, and my grandchildren, in particular?

You will recognize this, of course, as our version of the one Jewish commandment: "Is it good for Jews?"

That came from their conception that God's covenant with them was a covenant that was not made to any single Jew. Rather, it was a racial covenant that only applies to the members of the race acting racially. And

their acting racially simply means parasitic behavior, not creative behavior.

By simply organizing our conceptions to go around them and thus neutralize them as the model of NSDAP Germany proves (no payment of reparations) frees up an enormous amount of energy to be put into more productive endeavors.

A useful conception might start with Judaism, our real enemy, and the Jews merely nodes through which the process of Judaism operates as being the exact opposite of Christianity.

Saving our race is the Golden Rule.

ME:One thing Nobody made clear in his article above was what I mean when I keep repeating, "This is simple. It is not easy!"

If you go back to basics, you have to change your whole worldview, your whole picture of the world.

I meant that literally. Let me show you some examples:

What gets me is that all the Neanderthal men I see in documentaries are dressed as if they were in the Bahamas in July. But they are being chased over snow. What they have on is what I supposed you would call Neanderthal chic, an animal skin with their arms and most of their chests bare. This is to show they were primitive, of course.

Which brings me to another subject along the same lines. Every time I see a movie about "the real Rome", it looks like it was filmed in a particularly rundown section of Spanish Harlem; all the buildings are gray and worn, every statue is gray stone.

When I walked along in Washington, DC and saw the Capitol and other buildings in the classic style, I often laughed to think that an ancient Roman or Greek wouldn't believe what rubes those guys were who built them!

You see, what the rubes saw around them in Rome and Greece a couple of centuries ago were the bare ruins of classical buildings. They were, indeed, gray stone. So when they built "classical buildings, they used gray stone. By the same token, when they found ancient sculpture, it was plain gray stone, so Michelangelo and all the rest made what they thought were classical sculptures that were gray stone.

In ancient Rome or ancient Greece, if an architect had produced a plain gray stone public building he would have been committed to a madhouse. If a sculpture had carved a plain gray stone statue he would have put in the same asylum. But when you watch what claims to be educational television shows on BBC like "I, Claudius," the Emperor is in his garden surrounded by gray stone sculptures.

There is a reason for this. Just as Neanderthal chic tells us the guy is primitive, gray stone tells us the statue or building is classical like-it-was buildings or statues. The real statues back then looked almost exactly like a wax museum today. Can you imagine trying to stage a like-It-was version of dramatic scenes from classical time with a bunch of what looked like brightly-colored wax statues all around?

Can you imagine a play that shows the like-it-was Roman soldiers coming up to a brightly colored building, through a street full of brightly colored buildings? Can you imagine showing a Neanderthal man dressed in a complete suit of clothes that would keep him warm?

It wouldn't look real.

This, as Nobody points out, is the story of almost everything today. The base is wrong. We assumed so long that the worn-out, gray buildings we see were the real Rome that we cannot, even on educational television, be presented with the real thing. It was a long, long time after statues that had been worn to the gray base stone were first time to the nineteenth century when traces of color were found - or noticed - on a few of them.

We got the base wrong. So we began as hicks and we will stay hicks until we look at the baw. And nobody gets paid to look at the base. People get paid to keep abreast of "The Literature". Dr. Strawmeyer's last article talked about the shape of the nose on that gray stone statue, so if you want to be published, you have to make a slightly novel observation about the nostrils.

In every area, that is what our present society does.

Nobody cares about the Democratic victory in the House in 2006. No one cares whom the next president will be except those who make a living on talking about it. The base is wrong. And no one will look at the base.

No one but us.