I put this article in Sustaining Members and on OV.

Most of the Sustaining Member comments were on the Hillary example, not on my general point.

So I tried again:

Maybe I can get the conversation on the track I have in mind by putting in an answer I gave an anti-white on this subject in OV. You know she said straight Mommy Professor stuff about how White Nationalism wasn't the way and it divided people instead of uniting them.

I tried to introduce her to the new world and the new worldview.

I said,

In the real world Black Nationalism is not an ideology, it is a reality. Blacks have nations and they are not ABOUT to hand them out to others the way you want to do with white countries. Oriental nationalism is also a fact. Neither China nor Japan has even a THOUGHT of letting the rest of the world have their countries.

Opposing what you call "White Nationalism" simply means handing out white lands to whoever wants them. It's fun for you while it lasts, but it only lasts as long as you have something to give away.

Over the years people like you have played the Lady Bountiful to all the grateful colored folk who poured in. More blacks have come to America since 1965 than in the entire slave trade previously. But you no longer have anything for the Faithful Colored Companions to love you about.

They are beginning to wonder what the hell you are doing here on THEIR lands anyway. They are beginning to tolerate YOU. If you say anything about affirmative action, blacks are going to unite AGAINST you. Hispanics will vote against any attempt to limit Hispanic immigration. At the World Series, Hispanics who happened to be born inside the United States greeted, "Our Hispanic Brothers."

Your Lady Bountiful days are over. They don't need you. We don't need you. You have given all you have to give, and what other use ARE you to anybody?

Now that the giving is over, what exactly IS your function in the new world?

Nationalism in other races is not a theory. It is a FACT.

What have YOU got to OFFER anybody? Now that you've run out of things to give away, how are you going to be part of the real world power politics bargaining process?

Your entire discussion here is about what you are NOT.

What ARE you? Who do you belong to as a bargaining group?

Giveaway is yesterday. It's already been given away. The Clintons enjoyed the last of that phase of history.