In 1950, the hundreds of men on the Ford assembly line were far smarter than all the thousands of brilliant people who had gone before in that industry. The assembly line men were smarter than all the Fords, Edisons and all the thousands who had made small and large improvements to auto design.

If you are not college trained, you won't understand this. You see, the assembly line produced a 1950 car whereas none of those thousands of smart people and originators and geniuses could not make a car that was that fast or well designed.

This was the logic every college student learned. It was called socialism. College professors taught them that the way for third world countries to develop was to bypass all the old-fashioned market stuff and have professors from the London School of Economics and Harvard plan out how they could go from a 1500 AD economy to a 1950 economy without all that waste of time, money and energy growing in a market framework.

The geniuses Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin, they were told, could put together a truly efficient and planned production-distribution network, as could their successor intellectuals.

We also learned that Orientals are smarter than Westerners. The Japanese jumped from Asian poverty to first-world status in a single generation, just as the assembly line workers could produce a modern car. Professors, Orientals, and assembly line workers were clearly superior creatures.

When Japan reached a Western level, a level already reached by the West, their miraculous brilliance stopped. When 1950 assembly line workers produced a 1950 car, their genius reached its final stage. Socialist economies didn't even get there.

Orientals were able to reach the white living standard before hitting a brick wall. Blacks cannot get there, copy as they might. Socialism kept white Eastern Europe to a third world level. So Orientals are better than blacks. Socialism can't even COPY, so any form of market economy is superior to that, just as Orientals are superior to blacks.

But the IQ obsession teaches that Orientals can copy, and are therefore equal. An assembly line, says the IQ obsession, is smarter than the inventors.

If you have a college degree, you truly cannot imagine that anything is wrong with that logic.