People keep talking about "What if the southwest becomes part of Mexico?"

Then the southwest would become Nowhere.

When I was living in Rhodesia, I was at the back in Johannesburg, South Africa when some American tourists were coming through. Someone asked, "How do we get Rhodesian money?"

Rhodesia was under sanctions, and Rhodesian money was not allowed in any bank that was part of the international banking system. But Rhodesia was still Somewhere, because it was under white rule. Tourists poured into Rhodesia and South Africa.

Now Zimbabwe occupies the same ground Rhodesia did. It is black-ruled, and it is on precious few tourist itineraries.

If you go to Nogales, Mexico, right on the border with Nogales, Arizona, you will see little difference between that city and any other Mexican city. The only drinkable water in that Nogales has to be piped in from the US Nogales across the border.

When the southwest becomes Mexican, it will sink into the third world. The fact that it was once part of the United States will make no difference whatsoever. As New Orleans showed during Katrina, a black city is the third world. For the first time in American history, foreign aid poured into New Orleans in the same way it would into any other helpless third world location in a disaster.

Tourism still flows into New York. But Harlem is Nowhere. Tourists come into Washington, but not into the third world section of DC. Whites used to live there. But it has been gone for almost fifty years, and it is simply not noticed today. The third world takes over areas, and those areas routinely become Nowhere.

So don't panic over the reconquista of American states. There will be no sudden terror. What is happening there is happening all over the white world. And whites are steadily becoming a voting bloc.

This process will go on from here. Whites think more racially every day.

What is under way is a process, not a looming tsunami that people say will be "solved" when they get tough and fight from their bunkers.