About a thousand times I have dealt with a discouraged pro-white who wondered whether this sorry crowd was worth saving. Several hundred times I was that pro-white.

Yes, Mark, I understand.

I have to remind myself that, torchlight parades and Triumph of the Will notwithstanding; we are not an Opera here. We are not trying to save a set of moral giants. We are trying to save the only part of the world that is not a group of large ants like the Orient, declining and falling as they build huge, pointless stuff.

Our Bible roots are still there and many of us do not see any point if the white race's glory does not come from Above or from some Light that falls indifferently on different Cultures a la Yockey.

After all the drama others can offer, our task sounds a bit drab: We are trying to save white skin because nothing else matters. You can have Great Civilizations that stagnate and make big noises and leave monumental ruins. That's impressive, but not a billionth as impressive as a Nova.

Now THAT'S impressive.

The problem is that the Nova, in itself, is unimportant. Likewise Great Civilizations, a la Ozymadius.

You can know all there is to know about Chinese Civilization or Native American Culture, but it is POINTLESS. Nothing about them tells us anything we need to know TODAY.

SF had a debate about whether blacks invented the banjo. OK for a discussion, but who cares?

You learn about history only by studying white history. Black "history" is all about how WE handled THEM and some dream-fulfillment about Great Black Civilizations.

Worrying about white morality must be left to religion, including the ones that don't CALL themselves religions.

Whites are the only game in town. They are the only things above large insects.

You do not save children because they are nice. You just save the future.

There are plenty of Morality Plays. We are not one of them.

Whites can go to the stars. Whether they wipe their noses in the interim is not our problem.