Anti-whites cannot deny the truth of the Mantra. They cannot deny some of our other truths, so they justify suppressing these truths by saying they have "implications."

And the truth DOES have implications. Church leaders who knew Galileo did not condemn what he said he saw in his telescope - an invention FROM Northern Europe, by the way. Church leaders did not DENY it, but they suppressed it, as Galileo was told to his face, because of its "implications."

They didn't care whether the sun went around the earth or vice-versa. It was the implications, the whole cosmology of Christian Europe in the Bible, they were worried about.

So anti-whites suppress any inconvenient truth about the Holocaust, for example, by Soviet - and Nazi - methods, and justify their doing so because of its "implications."

But the Communists and the Nazis had the SAME excuse for their suppression of free speech. The Nazis said that it was necessary to prevent Communist "implications" and the Communists said it was to suppress "fascist" implications.

It is true that when we hammer in an obvious truth like the Mantra the whole debate changes. Those precious few of you who have gotten out there and done it are often amazed at how much the whole debate changes when the Mantra is used.

And, yes, ALL truth has "implications." Yes, the Mantra puts them on the defensive. The Mantra will cause a LOT of trouble to those screaming "Nazism" every time Israel is criticized. It will cause people to cease wetting their pants every time "anti-Semitism" or anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews is brought up.

Historians will be challenged to teach more history than "White bad, colored good. UGH!"

Using the Mantra undermines ALL the shibboleths that have dumbed down public discussion and blocked thinking.

Their side knows that. Our side sends up a loud "DUHHH!"

No one is going to take a new look at gentile and Jews until we break the ground with the Mantra. No one is going to take another look at the realities behind conspiracy theories until the Mantra breaks the enemy's solid front with the Mantra.

But no one on OUR side sees that. Many pro-whites are trying to stop the Mantra because it detracts from THEM.

But American Renaissance can't even hold meetings now. Their only hope of a new start is when the pitiful few of us hitting the world with the Mantra break through the solid wall anti-whites have up.

So I freely admit that our talking about white genocide has "implications." The truth always has implications.

But as usual, it is the pro-whites who seem totally blind to this reality.