Political Correctness, the Stockholm Syndrome, the Weakest Generation, the Party Line, THESE ARE DIFFERENT NAMES FOR THE SAME THING!

There is nothing complicated, or different, about any of these names for the same thing.

If we THINK about it and get under all the labels and big words, it comes down to something very eight-year-old understands immediately.

It's called Siding with the Bully

All of us have had experience with bullies from first grade. Stephen King features them in every book, which is one reason for his runaway popularity..

The World War II Generation was beaten into total submission to the bully in Basic Training. The theme of their lives was that they were nothing, and the guy with total power over exhausted teenagers in uniforms, the sergeant was always right.

The most important parts of history are obvious but missed because of all our synonyms for Siding With Bully, The Stockholm Syndrome, Political Correctness and all the rest.

Liberals and respectable conservatives get paid to debate whether Hitler was special or just like Stalin.

This has nothing to do it.

The point is that Hitler LOST. Stalin simply cannot be lumped in with Hitler because he was one of the Victors.

Once again, while people get paid to debate some abstract point about history, the basis of history is simply siding with the winner. But siding with the winner and siding with the bully are really not different at all.

So those within the System spend a great deal of time showing they are professionals, and not justifying the winning side. They get PAID for this.

But WE are the fools. WE miss the essential point we always quote to show our own wisdom:

"God is on the side of the big battalions."

All Southerners are used to this from the Civil War. Every kid is used to this from the host of worshippers the mean kid has on the playground.

You see Militant Obedience when you are out there using the Mantra, but it is critical for you to see it for what it is. Our opponents simply quote the bullies.

They honestly believe the bullies are right because the bullies rule the playgrounds.

Think this over and SAY it.