No one can find a single word in the Old Testament that even vaguely advocates the chastity that early Christians were so fanatical about. So they just don't THINK about it. No "Christian" thinks about it because he would have to think about the ORIGIN, the REAL origin, of his faith.

But he is REQUIRED to look for every bit of the origin of Christianity in the Old Testament.

If it's not there, he stops looking for it.

For two thousand years, the absence of this anti-sexual obsession SHOULD have stood out like a sore thumb. It took a heritage of rigid thought control to avoid it.

This is also where our concept of Jews as Supermen comes from.

Here we are, a perfect white Christian society with Traditional Values, and along comes somebody, Satan or the Jews or both, to CAUSE every single weakness and absurdity we carry with us. They did not just take advantage of some obvious weaknesses in our mentality. We were perfect, so they had to CREATE all what was wrong.

This is childish. Enemies do not create your weaknesses. They exploit them. It is up to you to REALIZE what your weaknesses are, even if doing so is HERESY to the Perfect People crowd.

In 1870 France had a bigger army than that of Prussia, but the Prussians won because they moved faster and from unexpected directions.

In 1914 France had a larger available army than Germany, which was fighting on two fronts. But the Germans moved faster and from unexpected directions so the entire war was fought deep inside France. In 1940 France had forces the size of the Wehrmacht, but the Germans moved faster and in unexpected directions and took France again.

I am sure the French General Staff waved their fists at the Germans and talked about how MEAN the Devil Huns were. Because they see Germans as the Devil, the next war would be exactly the same.

In 1775 at Breed's Hill, the British were slaughtered because they marched in formation European-style while the Americans hunkered down and shot them to pieces. Two wars and almost exactly forty years later, the British were slaughtered at New Orleans because they marched in formation European-style while the Americans hunkered down and shot them to pieces.

British generals told each other that Americans were just DEVILS.

The obsession with chastity came from an old, degenerate version of the Aryan religion called Zoroastrianism, then in its death throes. The idea that it is holy for us to not have children lives on in today's environmentalism and was instrumental in our Zero Population Growth movement.

Today having children is denounced by NOW as evil. All that matters is that the couple is in a State of Love when copulation occurs. The idea that destroying one's own race is the holiest of missions certainly did not come from Jews. They exploited what was already in our culture.

The Jews did not CREATE this mental illness. They EXPLOITED it.

To Zoroastrians the God of THIS World, Ahriman, was evil, the God of the Next, Ahura Mazda, was good. As Zoroastrianism degenerated, all thoughts of continuing the people pf THIS world became evil.

Or we can keep searching in the Old Testament for some hint that sterility is holy.

And worship Jews as Evil Gods.

Be sure there's someone around to drive you home from Kindergarten.