It is encouraging to notice so many people doing practical propaganda work.

I was thinking about the "melting pot" idea and countries with low birth rates. Some of you mentioned Japan and Iran. Here it is interesting to note that White Russia has a very low birth race - loosing about one million people per year.

I did not notice any race mixing in Russia. In fact I did not see a single black man. However many Russian leaders are now very concerned about the influx of Chinese people, particularly now as the Russians are developing closer business, trade and military relationships with China. Also Russia is so big that it can accommodate many different racial cultures. But these are not mixed. They live in separate regions that are immense in size. As you will have noted there has been quite some racial tension in Russia recently.

I have noticed that Australia and America see the race problem very differently. Bob mentioned the fact that blacks have been in America for hundreds of years. Here in Adelaide Australia blacks are recent phenomena and are now coming in huge numbers. This has happened over the past 5 years. People are beginning to notice them. They can't speak English and get a lot of money from my hard work.

They don't work themselves and make a huge number of children. For every child the Government pays them a large amount of money. Again this money comes from working people like me. So that is a new phenomenon for us. And these are full-blooded African niggers who have trashed their own societies. They can live here the good life, because there are slaves supporting them (such as myself) and because of the politically correct mindset.

So the attitudes to race and what constitutes a race problem vary with different countries.

In Australia we know that the Native Australians can't live in white society unless they are given massive handouts and whites strictly manage their societies. When taken out of their primitive tribal cultures they can't function. There may be a few exceptions and these are often Native Australians racially mixed with Afghans or Irish.

Another thing that occurred to me was assimilation as opposed to race mixing. The race-mixing concept is to create a race of grey robots that will be controlled by the racially pure Jews who are behind all our problems (not only the race issues).

However that is a theory. This does not always work in practice. It is possible for one race to assimilate another race without changing fundamentally. There is a tendency for races to diverge and remain relatively pure even though there has been some mixing. This is of course how the Jews operate. They need a small amount of Non-Jewish stock to keep their own stock in good condition. So they could over time absorb us. And the reverse could also be true.

Mixing whites with blacks would only happen if it were enforced because of the emotional temperamental and aesthetic differences between the two races.

And it would be the lower race - the blacks - that would benefit from it (would become more human). We can see this in America among the upper class blacks who are perhaps 75% white. I can't see a perfectly mixed grey American race ever happening. The enforced mixing will eventually stop.

I also believe that bringing heaps of niggers into places like Adelaide will make many Australians who are not racially aware, more racially aware. That is bound to happen as the crime increases. And Australians will see the problem very differently to Americans. Unlike Americans these blacks are full-blooded savages and come as our masters whom we must serve.

It is going to hit people very hard like it hit me when I saw a huge mob of these savages. I had never seen real live niggers before. They behaved like animals and also as if they owned the country. I have no doubt that other people notice this too.

Of course the Jews work on the children and teenagers to get them to accept racial mixing and being servants to blacks and Jews. These are the ones I need to educate. The Jews control all Australian public education, and they have this ideal of a mixed race led by niggers who are following Jew orders.

We see this Jewish ideal (of race mixing and multiracial culture) in the Jewish film, "The Matrix" trilogy, which is probably the most blatantly Jewish film ever made. It even has cryptic references to the Messiah and the Holocaust and it works to influence the young of our race in many different ways.

These films have been very effective in poisoning our young. So I am working on ways to counter that poison.

Best wishes to all.

I hope Bob goes to Iran and gives talk

Comment by PeterGene Budarick