Someone wrote me asking how much I thought "The Elites" had to do with our present situation. I asked him what he meant by "Elites" and he gave me a fuzzy reply.

Just as I know the president of the United States has little real power, I know that groups who are apparently I power aren't.

Most people have no idea of the sheer SCALE of our society.

Terrorists know that if you wiped out oil wells in their part of the world, their power would collapse. But where do you plant a bomb in the United States?

You could blast every major city out of existence in the United States and the country would still function very well.

The Elites that control the media are very conservative in the GENERIC sense of that word. Being in any Elite is a full-time job.

You have to go with the flow, not decide which way the flow should be. That is why when I look for causes I look for something titanic, not a roomful of Big Conspirators.

I explained Political Correctness as the inevitable result of a giant professor-priesthood that has developed. We have a million full-time members of a professor-priesthood which we created and whose direction was as predictable as sunrise.

A Jew has a deeply imbedded cultural and by now genetic imperative to be hostile to every other form of loyalty.

And as soon as we decided to divide our society into the two groups, Christians and The People of the BOOK, and kill everybody else, the development of hostile Jewry was as inevitable as was Political Correctness inevitable when we created a giant academia with enormous money, control over our children's minds, and no outside accountability whatsoever.

ALL groups that are given power and money and with no accountability go completely ape. Then we try to find some tiny cabal of people who are responsible for all this.

It is called Occam's razor, and it is the basis of all Western science: Look for the simple, logical cause first, don't build a whole theology or Conspiracy as a substitute.