As Aleksander Solzhenitsyn said just before the fall of the Soviet Empire, "Only Western academics still take Marxism seriously. In the Soviet Union, Marxist theory is nothing. It is LESS than nothing."

I think a hundred million lives in the last spent in the twentieth century for which the Communist brand of Marxism was DIRECTLY responsible was enough. Mommy Professor will NEVER grow up, as Solzhenitsyn said. But it is time for US to enter the twenty-FIRST century.

In THIS century, the whole idea that one can manipulate the SOCIAL system to remake man into a peaceful, sharing Part of Nature is ludicrous. Thirty years ago, when that crap was doctrine, we hadn't seen pictures of sweet little chimpanzees tearing a violator of their borders, LITERALLY, limb from limb.

No Mommy Professor tells you what his absolute, enforced PC doctrine was thirty years ago, because he would be a laughing stock.

Economics, from the US to Red China, is no longer even a matter of serious debate, much less The Pillar Upon Which The World Stands that it is to Marxists and Libertarians.

If you are STILL arguing economics from an ideological point of view, you would find the Flat Earth Society fascinating.


I find this the most compelling point of BWs thought: That economics is race. That's all it is.

Yet the entire economic debate across the world can't come to grips with it. And there is no area of our life where orthodoxy so completely shields the light.

The straightjacket of orthodoxy is cinched tight, as tight as can be. There was never a slave society in all history as buttoned up.

That's why this notion that economics and race is the same thing is so revolutionary.

In economic thought, we are way ahead of everybody else, we have busted through the whole darned thing, this nonsense of contemporary economics.

If you can't see the advantage of it, there's something wrong with you.

Comment by Dave


Dave, you are right, with this caveat:

A monkey or a Mommy Professor can destroy what he cannot build. Any moron can kill the most creative person in the world. Andrew Young and the Poverty Law Center and minorities can grow rich with threats.

The real miracle of Communism was that it managed to keep one third of the world's WHITE population in upper third world poverty for so many decades while the rest of the white world, and even Japan, Taiwan and South Korea flourished. With titanic effort, the white race can be held back, but not forever.

But your basic point is dead accurate. All those economic equations AFKAN mentioned today factor in everything BUT SKIN COLOR. Every discussion of Great Civilization factors in every bit of information but one: Everywhere a Great Civilization fell and STAYED down, the people of that former Great Civilization are now BROWN.

I can't explain it, but no one can see the real world if he has to instantly EXPLAIN what he OBSERVES. Science is based on OBSERVING AND THEN EXPLAINING. Wordism insists that all things be explained within The Great Book BEFORE it can be observed.

So Communism, as a form of Wordism, didn't WORK. And that was its fatal weakness.


The irony is, economics has degenerated to Wordism with algebra.

As such, it makes a useful tool for shaping public policy in a duplicitous manner.

"Free markets" become THE rationale for a political system, which then applies misunderstood economic theory into political theory, and political practice.

Yet, just as the two Aspects of organizing human affairs - economics and politics - derive from Culture, we ignore the reality of Culture, and the deep wellspring of Culture, RACE.

START WITH RACE, and everything else, will fall into place.

Comment by AFKAN


Most of my professors (twenty plus years ago) were practically in love with the USSR, which soon killed off much of the intellectual class including University professors as soon as they seized power.

And this was common knowledge.

Would a retarded person vote for someone who advocated killing retards?

Of course not, therefore my peers and I were educated by people with less common sense than retards.

Also almost all professors are socialist, yet they never mention taking a cut in their huge salaries so as to lower tuition and help create a more egalitarian world. Verbal socialists are what they are.

What a dumb bunch of ungrateful phonies.

Comment by Scott