There are symbiotic parasites and there are more parasites that are only costly to the hosts.

When you swallow food, you drop it directly on tops of hundreds of strains of bacteria that have been harnessed by the body to help digest it.

Every one of those strains represents a tragedy that happened to your ancestors. Each strain came in as a pure parasite. They evolved and your ancestors evolved. The bacilli evolved because they were killing their hosts, and parasites in a dead host die. We evolved because those who could not survive them died.

In the end, the hosts and the parasites that found way to be symbiotic survived.

The Shakers, as you know, were a religious sect that took the St. Paul - Zoroastrian version of Christianity to its logical extreme. They made beautiful furniture and you can take a tour of where the Shakers USED to live.

The Shaker institution killed its hosts.

So did the Shakers' legitimate ancestors, the Zoroastrians. Z discovered what all institutions that have a huge priesthood to feed discover: You can get a major increase in paying members if you let EVERYBODY in. In the long run, Z killed its racial base and died. But priests and professors don't CARE about the long run. They become parasites, pure and simple.

Peter and Paul the Tentmaker earned their own livings.

Disease, Micro and Macro

The microscope and the telescope both introduced us to new worlds. We found out the real basis of many diseases when we looked into the microscope.

We found that there were microorganisms that were killing us. What we have NOT realized that there are also MACROrganisms that kill us regularly. Like microorganisms, they live on us, and they live their own lives independent of us.

They are called institutions. I view all those monks who threw away their genes for the Zoroastrian version of Judeo-Christianity as having been CONSUMED by that institution.

Where are the Shakers? They were consumed by their institution to so great an extent that it killed the institution. Every Latin country followed a policy of assimilation in its colonialism. A person was viewed as French if he was Catholic and if he spoke French, regardless of his own biological background. The result is that, while colonies became powerful extensions of the Anglo-Saxon race, South America is a poor, brown dead end for Spanish Civilization.

Americanism has the same goal, a people with the Constitution and assimilation that will be another brown dead end.

Institutions have their own evolution and their own means of survival. Wordist institutions EAT the people who are part of it, and in so doing destroy themselves.

This concept is a substitute for Spengler-Khaldoun. Neither of them noticed that the Great Civilizations they saw rising and falling rose when they were white and died when they were brown. Spengler and Khaldoun obsessed on the institutions, the Great Civilizations, and never noted that they became diseases.