While we are tearing each other's throats out our enemies are continuing to destroy our race, lets focus our energy on them and not on each other. This situation we have here is common, we run out of steam so we bicker amongst each other, its what tears all groups apart and they just give up.

Bob's is showing the way, now we need to take the torch and go with it. When we continue to ask Bob for permission to try something it is like a child asking mommy if they can play with Billy, he doesn't care what we do, he wants us to take the lead and go it along if we want to. Let us just do it.

Comment by Alan B.

No one is less enthralled by a cult of personality than me a born existentialist. I mentioned Dave perhaps adding material to your site so you could relax and produce at your highest levels and we still have something to chew, keep up the mo so to speak.

Now Bob do you really want us to take up the slack and run with our new ideas or just yours? Now I like your mantra and all, but I have my own way of operations different from your blunt trauma methods. I understand the need for repetition, but in my book the faithful need to have their moment of doubt before the new idea will sink in to their skulls.

Hell I even got thrown out of Baptist Sunday school for asking questions, and from that day on I found my calling, making sausage out of sheep. Now that the PC flock is the largest and most powerful in the hills let us work together in letting them fulfill their true destiny.

Comment by Simmons


Right! I want you to go ahead and I want you to try it out in any way you think may WORK.

The two things that drive me nuts are, 1) as Dave said, "Why can't people see reality?" and 2) "Why can't people do things that WORK?" There is an awfully lot of overlap in those two questions.

Simmons, not only do I not demand that you repeat things as I do, there is the simple difference in individuals. What works for you may be something I can't handle, and vice-versa. In the end what I have to offer will seem as simple, in retrospect, as supply and demand. But Adam Smith got economics started, not completed.

I am getting pieces from Bob's Underground Seminar fairly regularly now, and I plan to give those some attention. This Iran thing really took it out of me. I had to make a decision that others followed, and every time I have to do that I spend some time kicking myself, whichever way I go. Decisions are HARD, and for some reason they always seem to end up in my lap.

It's kind of a weird feeling to struggle internally with a decision, and then tremblingly make it after debating with yourself for a long time, and then to hear people trumpeting it about as if it was Something From On High. I wish I were a tenth as confident about my own judgment as other people are.

If I'm wrong, people don't blame me, and a sociopath would wonder why it bothers me to make these decisions. The end result is that sociopaths end up making most big decisions while people who have consciences to hurt them avoid making decisions.

Anyway, I am about at the end of my deciding and self-kicking phase, and I did have the effect on the Iran Conference I wanted to.