Hitler joined the German Army and was a war hero, but he was not a German citizen.

It keeps being mentioned as an interesting sidelight that in his whole political career, he never got papers to make him a German, rather than an Austrian, citizen.

If he had run for office, maybe he would have had to be German citizen to qualify. But he didn't run for office until he ran for Chancellor and won. I don't know if he EVER took citizenship papers.

This may have been a matter of principle. Hitler regarded all Germans including those Woodrow Wilson gave to France and Czechoslovakia, as Germans. He did not need papers to be a German.

This was not an unusual attitude. There are a number of members of the British House of Commons today who do not hold British citizenship. They hold New Zealand or Australian passports. I don't know whether anyone from outside the Commonwealth can do that, but it isn't the BRITISH Commonwealth anymore.

Reading the old Agatha Christie novels, I enjoy the fact that Englishmen were still allowed to use the word "foreigners." But no American was ever referred to or thought of as a "foreigner." An Australian wasn't a "foreigner," he was an Australian.

Brits had an opinion of Americans and Australians exactly like their attitude towards others who carried the British passport. An Englishman had a definite attitude toward "Scots," but would have been surprised if you put them into the category of Dagos or Krauts, as "foreigners."

Nobody is ALLOWED to think that way now. But we still do. To a Native American, meaning a real Native American, a Brit is a Brit and a Mexican is a foreigner. A Mexican may take out citizenship, but nobody will tell quicker than himself that he is a Mexican.

If he votes the welfare of Americans versus the welfare of illegal immigrants, as the Democrats point out in California, he votes for his fellow countrymen.

The term "nation of immigrants" is doubly absurd. ALL nations are nations of immigrants. ALL nations are built y immigration, and all nations are destroyed by immigration.

When the Emperor Claudius conquered Britain it was, like Gaul, a Celtic nation. Under Rome, like Gaul, it REMAINED a Celtic nation all the way up through Scotland in Ireland.

When the Romans left, much of Britain became England. The Anglo-Saxons came in and took the land over. Only with immigration did the new nation develop.

When William the Conqueror took over England, it remained England. Only a small number of Norman conquerors came in, as was the case with the Romans.

We can date the period when the Celtic population came into Britain the same way we can date the period when the Germanic Angles and Saxons came in. England became England when the nationhood of the Celts in that region was destroyed by immigration.

My ancestors came here and took this land from the Indians. Celts are not referred to as Native Englishmen, for are the people the Celts took the land from before. The Celtic Nation in England was formed by immigration and destroyed by immigration.

There are Indians in Tierra del Fuego, at the southern tip of South America. They were Native Americans long before the Indians we drove out were here. To get from the Bering Strait to South America they had to have lived in what is now the United States for generations.

Tierra del Fuego is a LONG walk.

If there are any Native Americas, they are down there next to Antarctica. Nobody walks to the next thing to Antarctica and STAYS there voluntarily.

All nations are created by immigration. All nations are destroyed by immigration. Papers have nothing to do with it.