A MODEST PROPOSAL | 2004-12-25

Why not let third world immigrants "do the jobs Americans won't?" If we really would treat them the way leftists and respectable conservatives demand, "like real Americans" (read real WHITE Americans), I would be all for it.

Has ole Bob been in the egg nog again, you ask? Is he going soft? Not at all.

Why not let them do the jobs "that Americans won't do?" I mean the ones like cleaning up nuclear waste, or asbestos removal, or the other very dangerous jobs that have become priced sky high due to OSHA and all the other regulatory bureaucracies. Why not have Three Mile Island crews pick them up at the day labor stand to scrub some reactors down? So what if they don't last very long. You never get the same ones anyway, and the supply is endless. Think of the money we would save!

But it will never happen, because leftists and respectables won't treat them like real Americans, in spite of what they say. You see, real Americans are disposable. White people are disposable to leftists and respectables. Third worlders are not.