My attitude toward any group, be they Jews, Moslems, Orthodox Christian, or whatever, is always: "What's in it for the South?" Today, this attitude is expected of blacks or other minority groups. Any black who fails to respond on any issue "from a black perspective," i.e., in terms of black interests, is instantly branded unnatural and evil by liberals, and therefore by respectable conservatives and the good old Southern Creeps.

If you ask my attitude toward "Jews," my question will be "Which Jews"?

Are you talking about the first two Jewish senators, Yulee of Florida and Benjamin of Louisiana, both firmly proslavery antebellum Southerners? My attitude toward them is good. Are you talking about Alan Dershowitz, Harvard law scholar and one of the best friends repeat offenders ever had? Do you mean Dershowitz and similar Jews who make their group identity an excuse for attacking everything I care about?

My attitude toward them is not good.

Lake High pointed out that the late Cardinal Bernardine was a product of Columbia, SC. A reporter asked him about his youthful experiences with anti-Catholic bigotry in his youth down here. He said he didn't have any such experiences.

Naturally, the reporter thought the good Cardinal had gone deaf. He pressed Bernardino, telling him, as Yankees will, about the realities of the place he was raised in, and how bigoted it was against Catholics. Bernardine told him a little story: When the future cardinal was a boy in Columbia, he and two other guys had gone to lunch together regularly for years. They found out, when they were about to finish school, that one of them was a Protestant and one of them was a Jew. Over the years, the question had simply not come up.

I am willing to bet that, if one of them had been a Yankee, they would all have known it from the word go.

By contrast to this very Southern concept of accepting different groups, the Southern Crawler feels that the South will only be a true modern society when it replaces the Confederate flag with a sign that says, "Kick Me."