A MODEST PROPOSAL | 1998-12-05

The United States sends some five billion dollars a year in outright aid to Israel. This does not include unrepaid loans and a few billion a year more we send to Egypt each year, mostly for their friendship with Israel.

The United States sends an absolute minimum of over five billion dollars a year to protect Israel's borders. The Christian Coalition and liberals say that is not enough.

I just noticed that, on "Christian" television, they just started advertising to get Christians to pay for Russian Jews to immigrate to Israel.

Apparently the Jewish community has no money of its own. We all know that, when it comes to supporting liberal causes, the Jewish community has lots and lots of money.

So this Christian evangelist nonsense of raising money from the Christian community to send Russian Jews to Israel is both typical and ridiculous.

Sillyass respectable conservatives really tick me off.

So what could we say that would REALLY make both the liberals and the Christian Coalition go ballistic?

How about this

What if we proposed that, for every dollar we spend protecting Israel's border, one dollar had to be spent to protect AMERICA'S border? That would mean we would have to spend five billion dollars a year to keep out drugs and illegal aliens!!

The Christian Coalition would certainly loudly oppose such a proposal. It might offend Hispanics. Ralph Reed and his successors want to get cool with minorities. So it turns out, according to Reed, that God wants him to be cool with minorities, too. Therefore, a proposal that Americans spend as much to protect our own borders as we do to protect Israel's would really upset both the present leadership of the Christian Coalition and the liberals.

That means I just HAD to bring it up.