Now the right is whining that 1) the growing minority vote is crushing conservatism. But they are also 2) denying they are saying that. And they used to predict 3) that would never happen because immigrant non-whites would vote conservative.

Three strikes and you're Shrewd.

If we ever drop shrewd and get smart, truth can be a major weapon for us. But you cannot use the truth and be Shrewd at the same time.

Minorities will never be conservative. Minorities will not preserve OUR values for us.

Minorities must be bought off. It would be a lot cheaper to buy them off than to pay for liberals, too. Liberals are just the minorities' middlemen. They are very costly middlemen.

"Show me the money!"

I think that whites will eventually realize that they are a threatened minority. When we stop thinking of ourselves as a guilty ruling class and start seeing this reality, we will be in a terrific bargaining position. Everybody looks to us as the superior race. This can have enormous advantages.

Everybody looks to us as the source of real talent and wealth, no matter how much nonsense leftists push to the contrary. Minorities are only leftists because they believe you can only get real money from whites.

Once we stop talking about blacks being just like other Americans, and settle for buying them off, we could win.

And I mean a straight buy, not a buy through leftist political theory and bureaucrats. That would be a lot cheaper than the leftist programs which have to support bureaucrats, lawyers and professors who get money for blacks but mostly for themselves.

The one thing conservatives always argue is that they don't want to get AWAY from minorities. The only worthwhile goal is to get away from minorities. If you try to hide that in Shrewd you just do it the hard way.

Minorities want things, we want things. Once this truth comes out, leftists will simply be more competitors with minorities for white money.

Eventually, when things get desperate enough, we can win by talking turkey.