So the latest bellyache about the courts is the decision outlawing voluntary student prayer at public school sports events. The obvious thing to do in the prayer case is to force the Feds to enforce it. Can you see the impact of Federal marshals arresting students for praying? That's how the left wins its battles. But the left has a trump card on the right that never fails. They would simply say that the idea of defying the court on this issue reminds them of George Wallace defying the court for "racism."

Now, the old segregationist George Wallace was actually in a real war against real Nazis. But that has nothing to do with it. Liberalism now condemns such attitudes as just like the Nazis, and if you don't agree, they'll say you're like a Nazi.

The labels wouldn't scare off the students from defying the Feds, but it would scare off all respectable conservatives. They would rather abandon prayer anywhere than be called "racists."

Which brings us back to why I am making such a point of the anti-miscegenation decision. Why do you think liberals are so desperate to keep anyone from criticizing this one Supreme Court decision? Why do you think this is the one landmark Warren Court decision that no conservative dares even MENTION?

I point to it because THEY consider it so important.

If the court can declare that America's constitution must be openly defied in the name of anti-racism, who can be surprised that every Southern symbol must now be abandoned in the name of anti-racism?

When the word "racist" is mentioned, conservative spokesmen begin an instant grovel. As long as this is the case, they cannot win a single battle against the "two step forward, one step back" strategy.

As long as we consider liberal declarations, no matter how anticonstitutional, as somehow "legitimate," we must keep retreating.