Utah could not enter the Union until it outlawed polygamy. Right on time, in 1890, a Mormon leader had a Revelation from God. God decided in 1890 that polygamy, which Joseph Smith had forcefully defended as a Key tot eh Kingdom, had to go. This happened to coincide nicely with getting Utah statehood.

Just when Joseph Smith's prohibition against black bishops became politically untenable, the Lord stepped in and gave the Mormons another Divine Inspiration to carve that Law from the Sacred Tomes.

Governor David Beasley had his Revelation from God in December 2008, right after he had used the pro-Confederate flag vote get reelected governor, and in the maximum amount of time before the 2000 Republican Convention where he hoped to obtain the vie-presidential nomination.

It must have been a joint Revelation. When the moneymen turned on the Confederate flag and forced the Citadel to abandon it, Bob Jones IV had a Direct Inspiration to get rid of the flag, too and also to allow interracial dating.

And the list goes on.

When someone starts saying he is pro-white because of the Bible, I realize that tomorrow he can be ANTI-white because of the same Bible. It happens all the time. The same First Baptist Church in Columbia that hosted the secession convention in 1960 because God was pro-slavery was trying to get affirmative action into its congregation in the 1980s on the basis of the same Bible.

If your loyalty is to words, you can interpret those words into the opposite overnight. "We the People of the United States... and our Posterity" now includes illegal aliens.

What happens when someone who espouses your words is fighting against someone who is of your race?

You get World War II.

I like to level with you. When someone says his feeling for our race is because of the Catholic Church or the Christian faith or a belief in liberty or some other set of words, I back up a little. This is based on lifetime of HARD experience.

I only back off a LITTLE, but I do back off SOME.

As I say, I like to level with you.