If you look at the comments on ""Confessions of a Recovering Economist," they lead in an interesting direction. They came to the conclusion that the most interesting thing I have said about economics is that it is racial.

The way you tell how a country is doing is not by its capital investment or any of the indicators economists write books about. You tell how well a country is doing by the color of its skin.

As with the Holocaust, establishment strategy is to prevent any DISCUSSION of this obvious fact.

But lately a few commentators have actually cottoned onto an interesting fact.

You remember how I pointed out that anyone who knows Marxist theory knows that the term "political correctness if purely and solely Marxist?

I have lately heard a few RESPECTABLE CONSERVATIVES, the dregs of the intellectual barrel, actually point out that trying to explain everything in terms of money is Marxist.

I am not being sarcastic when I say that I am always a bit shocked when a respectable conservative sees a fundamental reality. They are selected because they are people who DON'T see reality.

Marxists see economics as a religion. All of Marxist history is a "class struggle." But to put that more accurately, Marxists do not recognize ANY history that cannot be traced back to who gets the money.

Libertarians also see economics as a religion. Marxists are comfortable with libertarians because both of these groups are of the same faith, like Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism.

To a Marxist, a libertarian is a schismatic, not a heretic. They worship the same god, but in a different way. That is fine with Political Correctness. As I have said, Holocaust denial laws are not to prevent DENIAL of Holocaust, they are aimed to prevent DISCUSSION of the Holocaust.

Political Correctness chooses opponents who do not DISCUSS their fundamental weak points. The basics of Marxism are, like the Holocaust, simply outdated. Marxism is based on the Rousseauvian idea that man is the only social animal. Like Rousseau, Marxists base everything on the idea that man would be perfect if he would return to a state of nature.

Like Rousseau, Marx saw a state of nature as classless and without violence.

Like Holocaust myths, this house of cards would collapse instantly if anyone ever disputed them because the simple movement of behavioral science has made the Rousseauvian/Marxist world view laughable.

You have noticed their growing desperation, but most people don't see where it comes from. Like the Holocaust Industry with their soap from Jews and their lampshades, it is exposure of their fundamental world view is threatened, not by exposures from Conspiracy Theories, but by someone saying their basic ideas in plain English.

Someone must take up the job of arguing that they are mistaken, not idiotic. That is what libertarians and neoconservatives are for.