A nation based on race has to keep other races out; A country unified only by principles or the American Ideal or Wordism has to keep other IDEAS out. You simply cannot have free speech a country whose only unifying force is "dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal."

When you define patriotism as a set of words, a propositional, a BELIEF, you also define TREASON as having the wrong ideas and being loyal to the wrong proposition.

No matter whether the Wordism is "all men are created equal" or Marxism or Catholicism or Islam or Protestantism, you simply cannot allow anyone to say things that might damage the proposition which is the only foundation your country has.

A nation based on race, like the original United States, can afford free speech.

A country based on Wordism, or "dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal" must impose that proposition on everybody in the country.

That is why I said that a RACIAL state can afford plenty of variety of IDEAS.

If some people want to live in a place where reveille sounds at 6 am and everybody has to turn out to do a Nazi march, they go to that community.

If someone wants anarchy, they go to the anarchy place.

Their only obligation is to stand for their race.

No free riders on RACE.

But variety of IDEAS? Variety of living styles?

Sure. Why not?

Wordism, a diversity of races and only on one single "multiculture." Even it's racial diversity itself has to be uniform in a propositional or Wordist state.

A race-based state offers every kind of real variety.