As one gets older one's explanations become simpler. In the days before experts and Mommy Professor this was very enlightening to the young. "There has never been a Love like my Love" was perfectly understood. But the oldster did not dismiss it.

The oldster treated it as something he remembers. But the oldster also remembers that he bobbled it. He can tell the youngster how it was, but not how it should have been. After all he is just sitting there on the porch talking. He is not SELLING solutions.

Today that porch talking oldster is the LAST person the young 'uns will ever talk to who is not SELLING a Final Truth.

The oldster knew about the element of sex, but he didn't dismiss it the way a Puritan Elder would. To him the Elder was a lot more childish than the young guy or girl he was listening to was. To that person, his love was new and unique. The Puritan said, "I was what you call in love when I was your age."

"Get over it! I did!"

That is the same lesson Mommy Professor teaches. That is the same lesson the Greatest Generation teaches. The Greatest Generation, as the name implies, is the only source of Truth.

Here is the essential difference between Porch Talk with a real oldster:

The oldster does not depend on DRAMA. The Greatest Generation has been told that it represents the Only True Knowledge, the Only True Experience that is being in that mystical experience called "COMBAT" in the "Last GOOD War."

Mommy Professor explains that he is the final stage of the Truest Truth. Mommy Professor is dramatically undramatic. He tells you what you have heard and then WHAT REALLY IS.

There is no roll of drums because Final Truth is beyond a roll of drums.

The oldster will tell you what he has learned and then go in to supper.