"Don't pay attention to the externals." They keep telling us.

Let me tell you a story.

In Mary Stuart's story of Merlin, he and his servant meet a beautiful girl at a convent gate. The servant, being merely a servant and not an intellectual, says, "Damn the parents who would lock a beautiful girl like that up in a cloister."

From the Church's point of view, the more beautiful the girl, the kinder she is, the smarter she is, the finer human sacrifice she makes of herself. The Church is monomaniacal about HER sacrifice. The Church has never given a nanosecond's attention to the sacrifice FUTURE generations are being forced to make.

You see, since that girl was locked up in a convent, thousands of that girl's potential descendants would like to have been bore beautiful and smarter than they were and will be. For the Church, MORALITY begins at conception.

Which means that Jesus had no message for us at all, right? When he got here, we weren't conceived yet.

In my youth, before Roe versus Wade, there was an unspoken alliance between the Catholic Church and the political left.

Today that sounds stunning.

We are speaking of the Catholic hierarchy and official Catholic Opinion back then. The Catholic Church took the lead in integration in the South. The Catholic Church had always said that race makes no difference.

The only thing that was important to the Church was Doctrine.

Words, not race.

Which was exactly what liberals said. To a liberal as to a Catholic the words of Marx or Arthur Schlesinger was what mattered. Race, like all inborn characteristics, was unimportant.

Liberals and the Catholic Church were in absolute agreement that what was in your genes was superficial. What you believed at the moment was all that mattered.

On campus in those days things were WORSE than they are today. Anybody who said that ANYTHING was hereditary was immediately accused of Hitlerism.

I always knew that a smart woman would have smart children. A beautiful woman, unless her genes are randomly thrown into sudden unnatural combinations, will have beautiful children. As I have said before, the best beer and the best Cola, if mixed, taste like hell.

The ultimate heresy on my part is that a kind woman will tend to have kind children.

Liberals in the 1960s could stand it if I stuck to beauty, and they would forgive me if I said that intelligence was inherited, thought that was Hitlerism.

But kindness?

The bread-and-butter of liberalism is that they can solve "The Circle of Violence." People who abuse their children are the offspring of parents who abuse their children. This is the "Circle of Violence." By ending the violence in one generation, liberals can end the violence in all generations.

So liberals and the Church hierarchy agree: If Sister Mary of Chastity or Miz Free of the Lesbian Women's Lib Movement stop one generation from beating their children, the "Circle of Violence" will end, and the result will be eternal.

I think that the kindness genes from Sister Mary or Miz Free will cease to exist, but the next generation will have children abused as before.

Identical twin studies, which have been suspended, show that identical twins adopted into totally different environments not only commit crimes, they commit THE SAME CRIMES AT THE SAME TIME.

Which is why you haven't seen an identical twin test in a long, long time.

Back to the little story above.

Everybody reading the story can read. They know that genes are nothing. They know that that servant who was cursing the parents who would persuade a beautiful girl to lock herself into sterility was just being True Idealists.

After all, as we all know, the servant was letting his loins do the talking.

But in my opinion, the loins are a LOT smarter than any group of Intellectuals or the Churchmen they happen to agree with absolutely.

One anti let his pious mask slip and told me I was silly to oppose the end of the white race because it would happen a long, long time from now. The simple fact is that nobody CARES what will happen to future generations. But our LOINS care.


Those loins and those prejudices are the wisdom of a million years of evolution. By comparison, the Words of a professor or a Pope are the babblings of the moment.