Do You Have an "I Don't Molest Children" Bumper Sticker?

If a conservative wants to be allowed to speak on the liberal-controlled media he has to earn that "respectable" label from liberals. I keep repeating this because you cannot understand what passes for political debate in our age without reminding yourself of this overwhelming fact before listening to any political "discussion".

So when a liberal refers to an "anti-war movement", conservatives keep a straight face.

What if you and I were discussing crime and I said to you, "Well, unlike you, I don't abuse children." You would consider that a hell of an insult.

But if somebody refers to himself as being for Peace, with the clear implication that everybody else likes war, killing, bombing, orphaning children and all the rest, conservatives sit there looking respectful.

Do You Have the Right Feelings All the Time?

America's leadership is made up almost entirely of sociopaths. A sociopath is a person who is incapable of any genuine empathy with other people or any feelings of guilt. It sounds extreme, so we assume that genuine sociopaths are rare.

Recent studies have shown that genuine sociopaths are actually very common. There are between three million and ten million sociopaths in the United States alone.

Most sociopaths don't know that they are sociopaths. They spend their entire lives faking empathy and guilt and all the rest, and since they don't know what the real thing feels like, they think they genuinely feel empathy and guilt. The result is that it is very hard for most people to feel all the empathy and guilt that the ruling sociopaths tell them they should feel. A sociopath honestly believes that his attitudes are just right all the time.

In a multicultural society the sociopath is king. Real people, people who are not sociopaths, have a lot of gut feelings and prejudices. In a multiculture you are not allowed to have gut feelings or "prejudices". Only a true sociopath can rise to the top in a multiculture.

So on a talk show, when a liberal sociopath tells a conservative sociopath that he is anti-war the conservative has no problem with that. The conservative is playing Patriot and the liberal is playing Peace Prophet, and it never occurs to either one of them that the "discussion" they a having is insane.

For the Multicultural Sociopath, Heredity Does not Exist. A few years ago identical twins were a fad. A lot of people did not know they had identical twins because they had been adopted into different families at birth. Identical twins have exactly the same genes. What fascinated everybody about twins who had been adopted into wildly different families at birth was how alike they were when they grew up.

One twin was raised as a Catholic while the other twin was raised as a Jew. One twin would be raised in a highly educated family while the other was raised in a poorly educated family.

The twins were raised differently but the similarities were astonishing. They liked the same brand of toothpaste, they went into the same professions. It was astonishing. Throughout history identical twins studies have shown the same thing. Not only do identical twins raised in entirely different families commit the same number of crimes, they commit the same crimes at the same age!

This cannot be allowed. HITLER believed in heredity, so anybody who mentions heredity is anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

As I said, books on identical twins were a fad for a while. But one day Phil Donahue interviewed a man who had written such a book. Donahue said, "But doesn't this argue for heredity over environment?" The man looked like he had been hit in the face. He stuttered out a denial.

That was the day that fad ended.

When Bill O'Reilly discusses educational failure, he never mentions that some children are born dumb. He says it is all a result of bad rearing or poverty. You will never see anyone ever mention heredity in any discussion of education or any other social issue.

In a multicultural society heredity cannot exist and so everybody agrees it does not exist. In a multicultural society race cannot exist so race does not exist. In a multicultural society not only does heredity not exist, nobody will ever mention that it does not exist.

In a human race made up entirely of heredity and environment, only a group of true sociopaths can totally forget heredity and not even notice that they are ignoring it have done so. They take it for granted that everybody has all the right feelings all the time.

Are You a Bigot or Are You a Sociopath?

For the sociopaths who run our society "prejudice" is an awful thing. For the sociopaths who run our society, prejudice is an alien thing. The sociopaths who run our society have no gut feelings. They have no prejudices. They do what they have done all their lives: They find out what feelings they should have and they believe they have them.

I would rather be prejudiced than be a sociopath. I would rather be a bigot than a sociopath. Freedom is all About What Sociopaths Call "Prejudice". Freedom means you do what you want to do.

The enemies of freedom always argue that you have no right to want anything they do not approve of. Religious freedom means that you have a right to believe something that I think will make you go to Hell.

Do you have the right to believe something that will send you and your children to hell for eternity? Do you have the right to have attitudes that I think are destructive or evil? Sociopaths do not hesitate to crush anybody who has the wrong attitudes.

Sociopaths rule a multicultural society.

So a multicultural society can never be free.