It has been noted that most eugenicists had no children.

It has also been noted that most Secretaries of the Treasury leave household finances to their wives.

It was a revolution when Robert Ardrey revealed to the world that War Heroes were not restricted to human beings. To a reading audience that was absolutely astonished at the time, he gave example after example after example of social animals of numberless types who gave their lives for the survival of the group.

What was remarkable was how gross a violation his examples often were of the tenets of Marxism. The lowest-ranking males who were denied any offspring of their own were as likely to give their lives for the group that oppressed them as were the alphas.

No Army Ant will ever father one of its kind.

We knew that about ants, but it was a shock to find that war was not a result of a lack of Wordism in higher animals. But the reason is exactly the same. Nature gives us one purpose and one purpose only: to produce offspring, of our own or of our group, who look like us.

It was thought that birds made their noises to attract females. We have only learned during my lifetime that birds make their noises to keep other INTERBREEDABLE birds out of their territory. Females go to the one with the best territory.

In our society a sterile billionaire will do exactly the same thing: he will give his money to his form of Wordism. He could have left it for white orphans as he did before, but now that is forbidden. His unnatural identity, his Book, gets the money to produce more who say what it says.

In a tiny society like a lion pride, the one or two male lions who rule it will produce all the offspring and kill the kittens of its predecessor. But in a large society each individual takes a separate role in group survival, and the lower class in a non-human society is as dedicated to the survival of the group as those in the top echelon.

This is how NATURE works. Nature is only interested in one issue, the issue of one's own type in competition with other GROUPS. Nature is the opposite of the Class Struggle. Nature is the opposite of the Libertarians.

Like nature, we are obsessed with one issue.