When third world immigrants move into Western countries, we are astonished that those countries begin to become third world countries.

The ruling theory is that there is magic in a name. So if the third world moves in, they are part of the United States of America. So if you are loyal to the United States, you must be just as loyal to them.

Everybody who comes across the border is part of the precious United States of America. So we are not speaking of the same problems the third world has. A third world United States is different from a third world population anywhere else, just as a third world organization called the United Nations is not the same thing as the third world.

I just pointed out that the United Nations is a third world outfit, and the name doesn't mean a thing, but nobody but Ole Bob has noticed this.

According to all libertarians and all "Christian" spokesmen, when a brown child is adopted in America or a Mexican comes across the border and increases his income ten times, it's all pure gain. It does make America just a little more like the third world.

If you don't believe that, Pat Robertson will declare you sinful.

It so happens that all brown countries are third world countries. But if America turns brown, Pat Robertson, respectable conservatives and liberals say our children will live just as well as they ever did.


Because of magic. Name Magic. When third worlders take over the UN, the name of the United Nations Organization is supposed to make things run just as well as they ever did.

If a country has the Name Magic to be called Denmark or the United States or Australia, the fact that it has a third world population makes no difference.

Pat Robertson is willing to bet our children's future on Name Magic. I can't find Name Magic in the Bible, but I'll bet Robertson can find some way to interpret an Old Testament passage that way.

Liberals are Wordists, just as Robertson is a Wordist. A Name is a word, so Name Magic makes sense to them. And they are happy to bet the future on Name Magic.

They are Magicians. Magicians are nutcases, whether they call themselves "Christians" or socialists or "progressives." They believe this Wordist insanity or they are psychopaths like Robertson.