One commenter gave me the usual, "Us real MEN don't believe in this mythical 'informer' system you propose. " He says only open Terror and the good old Tribunals will keep a population under control.

I replied that we don't have OPEN terror now. If he's such a defiant real man, why does HE use an alias here?

All of the governments that used OPEN, repeat, OPEN terror and Tribunals now have one thing in common:

They don't exist.

Also, the informer system will be easier to get through in practice.

You know the old joke about the Lone Ranger and Tonto being surrounded by hostile Indians, so the Lone Ranger says, "Well, Tonto, this looks like the end. We're doomed."

And Tonto replies, "What you mean, "We," Paleface?"

Non-whites will honor no deal with anti-white whites. They are NOT honorable.

So if we represent the white minority, we will be allowed to treat anti-white whites any way we wish. Can you imagine non-whites rushing to the defense of a rich white or his heirs?

And my analysis is that you can BUY any minority, especially blacks and Hispanics.

So, at the risk of not being a REAL MAN, I see informers and ruinous fines as something we can do out in the real world. We can also show what scuds these rich anti-whites are, over and over and over and over and forever, Amen.

And please don't shout WAR!! At me. I had enough of that from The Weakest Generation.