Senator Joseph McCarthy was dead right. In fact, the little time spent looking into the temporarily opened KGB NKVD files showed that not only was almost every one of McCarthy's accused a Communist, but there were even MORE of people in high places working for the Soviets.

Lately even the media broke stories about Teddy Kennedy meeting with Soviet leaders abroad in secret to work against the United States.

But the fact it is true doesn't mean it is a truth you should throw in when you have the enemy cornered with the Mantra.

There is no secret about "Jews" being anti-white. Look at the definition of "Jewish opinion" in the mainline media and, by their definition, they have led the anti-white crusade.

They SAY so.

In fact, you will only get criticism if you use exactly the same term, "Jewish opinion," that Jews do. Like calling blacks niggers, the reply is "That's OUR word!"

The standard ADL discussion about whites in history is exactly the same as Goebbels would have made about Jews.

All this shows is what THEY know how to do. They did what BUGS is doing a century ago. They did not put out anti-white tracts.

NAACP types began their campaign by getting the word "negro" capitalized. You can tell about what year a book is published by when the writer puts in Negro instead of negro. That sounds exactly like our combing sites to see where "anti-racist is a code word for anti-white" or other key phrases.

No one could say that their aim in capitalizing a word was to destroy the white race.

But it was.

And so far it has WORKED.

So when you get specific about stopping the genocide, you are being a fool. We are just stating the legitimacy of our concern and demanding it be discussed openly. We know that once he concern is general, our race will be saved.