A commenter is trying out asking people "Who told you to say that?" That is VERY good!

But do it with DISCIPLINE.

What I am saying here results from the subtext analysis of that brilliant insight.

This article also discusses an argument that you might want to try out on someone at some point. With discipline. Right now you MUST tell anti-whites who say there is no such thing as white that they pick the countries that must allow immigration and assimilation by that exact criterion.

But now that some of you are at the journeyman stage, you know when there's a break you can experiment in.

A bit of subtext on that "Cult" spat: Every apprentice begins in a cult. That is, no matter how natural a talent he is, he has to spend some time having the most basic rules hammered into him. He makes his actions automatic, and THEN he begins to create new ways.

I really do consider myself a Coach, and I really do conduct this seminar that way.

Some things that are absolutely true and absolutely absurd were unspoken until the publication of Parkinson's Law about 1951. It was a humor article, but it was the ironic humor, the bald truth as told by an Englishman before the Weakest Generation.

There have been a lot of Laws since. Parkinson's Law opened a way of communicating cynicism that is true by ironic humor and calling it a Law.

Parkinson's Law stated that "Work increases to fill the time allotted to it."

To the humorless bureaucrats Alfred Northcote Parkinson was used to, this was a bad joke. But everyone knew that if you assign a whole department to something, they will stay busy with it, as Parkinson said, "No matter what the effect on the product, if there is indeed a product."

The Law I outline as the title of this piece is recognized by everyone, but stated by no one. When a person being questioned by the police says "I didn't do it." the statement is taken down, but it is weighed against the Need to Say Law that is the title here: he NEEDS to say he didn't do it.

So people say "There is no such thing as race" or "Global Warming exists and can only be cured by bureaucrats taking over the world economy." People were dumb enough to accept the first as Pure Idealism until the top environmental scientists were caught cooking the figures.

So we learned again that what is said is what a person needs to say. It's a lot like the Intelligence Need to Know Rule. It could be called the Need to Say Rule. When someone says race does not exist, it might be useful to point out that in public people HAVE to say that.

This brings up the whole spectrum of Hate Laws and personal violence and career ruination.

Anti-whites have no shame. I would be embarrassed to repeat what everyone has heard a thousand times the way they do. Maybe this is a way to peel off a little of that absolute lack of concern about being an obvious damned fool.