The successful Communist campaign that gave them control of Russia in the end was based on the slogan, "Peace, Land and Bread."

What they planned, and delivered, was a three-year civil war and decades of Terror, specifically demanded by Lenin long before Stalin was neat the top.

As for Bread, they starved tens of millions to death at a time when anyone starving to death was alien to any white country. Slavic countries were relatively poor and backward, but as Solzhenitsyn pointed out, people did not STARVE in Czarist Russia.

The land is really the most comical promise. Stalin told a very sympathetic Roosevelt that his war on the kulaks had been more desperate than the Soviet fight against Nazi Germany. Generally speaking Kulaks were those who farmed their own land rather than land that belonged to the State.

No one knows how many kulaks died, two million or ten million, and that was only one starvation campaign under the Soviets. Kulaks were not Jews, so even outside the United States you are free to make up your own numbers or insist that it was all a bad accident or didn't happen at all.

We can't confuse a bunch of white gentile Slavs with real people, can we?

The point here is to address, not what we DO if and when we find ourselves with power, but what we SAY to GET power.

Surely no one is going to tell a professional like me that people in politics DO what they SAY.

So back to the question of paying back anti-whites with a short period of dramatic tribunals and violence and imprisonment, or saying we are going to rake up money for our programs and give part of it to GENERATIONS of informers.