There is no Wordism called Whitakerism. In fact, what we SHOULD have is the precise opposite. From a very hard and dedicated lifetime, I have developed some basic truths that bear my marks.

The Mantra is an essence of a Whitakerism:

1) There is not a big word in it.

Except maybe anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

2) It is no absolutely no longer than it has to be.

3) What it expresses is so obvious that nobody sees it.

There may be other characteristics, but my point here is that I am not good at listing things.

There are other Wordisms that have Whitakerisms. Wordism is concept that took a lot of work and came out so simply that an intelligent, rebellious mind cannot believe he didn't have it all the time.

Wordism is the fatal error everyone falls into when they talk about Universal Love or Loyalty to Humankind in General. It is more divisive and evil than any fanatical nationalism or racism, because its idea of "Humanity" is forcing all humans into one mold and destroying any mind that isn't loyal to that particular mold that set of Words.

Militant obedience cuts the ground out from under such intellectual terms as The Stockholm Syndrome, and ties together the toadies of the grammar school bully with the mobs on campus who stage a riot if anybody tries to make a speech disagreeing with Mommy Professor.

Whitakerisms constitute the exact opposite of a Wordist Whitakerism.

Whitakerisms cut the ground out from under the Buckleys and the Mommy Professors who believe that they have an explanation of human behavior that only exists up there in the ethereal realm of their big words and somehow Special Discussion.

Whitakerisms should encourage you, and me, to grow out of our John Birch or totally Southern backgrounds and study what truth the side we took really represents. Every Southerner should recognize the "Siding With the Bully Syndrome" in terms like "The Lessons of the Civil War."

It is human nature that both sides in any conflict are partly right and partly wrong. All Mommy Professor ever does is get "lessons" out of the winning side.

For which the winning side pays him.