The first Whitaker Online was published a year ago, on September 12, 1998. We are waging a life and death political struggle. Virgil Huston, the South Carolina League's webmaster, decided one year ago that what I have to say after many years as a political expert might be useful to all of us waging this struggle.

We talk about the Celtic heritage of the South, but we are not learning the real lesson the Celtic tragedy can teach. Two thousand years ago, the Celtic languages and culture dominated all of Western Europe. Then the Romans came. Against the Romans, the Celts had one fatal flaw. The legions were disciplined and marched in close order. But Celts attacked bravely, wildly, and pointlessly. No matter how many Celtic warriors there were, the disciplined legions would conquer them. And eighteen centuries later, the Irish Celts had the same fatal flaw against the British. Disciplined redcoats could defeat any number of wild Celts. So now the Celtic language is dying out even in the tiny areas where it is still spoken. Because of the fatal flaw in Celtic warfare, their culture is dead and all that is left is the Celtic bloodline, much of it in the American South.

Now immigration, integration, and multiculturalism are pushing out Southern culture and what is left of the Celtic bloodline here and in Europe. Today's war is political, and today's Celts have the same weakness they did before. I have been in political warfare for over four decades. I know what gets to our enemies, but I can't beat them by myself. We cannot beat them in the old wild Celt way, charging and shouting while all the rest of us, separately, run around the disciplined leftist legions and toss words at them.

The left has its legions. They coordinate their arguments. This is a war of words, so the left chooses its words very carefully. When they find cliches or arguments that work, they use them again and again and again. We often complain about how they repeat the same arguments in unison. But doing that WORKS.

The leftist always gets his point in. The conservative doesn't. When the Romans found that the combination of javelin, short sword and shield worked, they used it to conquer the world. In the present struggle for our very existence, words are our only weapon. But we throw them around the way the Celtic hordes threw their spears. For each effective liberal weapon, I have recommended a counter-weapon, which I have developed over years in the political struggle. But they have to be USED, and they have to be used again and again and again. When a leftist even mentions guns, we must cram the New York example right down their throats. We must cross-examine them about the Sullivan Law, which requires a woman to go to prison for a minimum sentence of one year for defending herself with a can of mace.

They are always saying "racism'. We must talk about Wordism, which is the real problem. But we must not just MENTION Wordism. We have to make sure our point gets made. A concept is a WEAPON. Words and concepts are our ONLY weapons.

Just as they countered the "Communist" label by ridicule, we must learn to "anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews" until they get as sick to death of hearing it as we are.

As Virgil says at the beginning of each Whitaker Online, I have "been there and done that." My tactics WORK. But the weapons I hand you can do nothing unless you make your spokesmen use them. And they have to be used and tried until they work. When you've honed them to perfection, you have to use them again and again and again. This is not necessarily the way to have the most fun. The wild Celts had the fun. Those who made up the Celtic armies had individual weapons and lots of variety. The dull old Roman soldiers each had a javelin, a shield, and a short sword. The Romans found the arms that worked best, and KEPT them. The Celts enjoyed variety. As a result, the lands that were once Gaelic are now speaking varieties of Latin.

As I pointed out before, you get what you ask for. Words are our only weapons. Unless we develop some discipline in using them, and unless we learn to find the ones that WORK, we will repeat the Celtic Tragedy. I keep complaining about respectable conservatives. The problem is that respectable conservatives are the only ones liberals want on discussion shows. But the secret is that this CAN be overcome. If one percent of the readers of Whitaker Online were to send an email letter condemning a respectable conservative to the show he is on, it would make a BIG difference.

But someone else will find it much easier to do this if YOU do it. And vice-versa. That is why moving as a group makes such a huge difference. If you are in public, debating, input from your potential fans makes a big difference. If you jump on the wimps, it impresses them. Believe me, I've been there.

Our problem is NOT that we're helpless. Our problem is that we are INERT.

Whitaker Online is dedicated to handing out the weapons, and to the hope that they will be used.