Freedom is based on a very unromantic idea. It says people should do what they want to.

The easiest way to destroy freedom is to trivialize it. You just say "We could avoid a lot of accidents if we did this, and the reason for not doing it is because somebody just WANTS to do something else, for no reason at all."

You go straight from there to the Marxist myth of Social Progress, which the term "progressive" is now based on, and from there you go to dictatorship. If we have a Higher Mission, there is no room for Freedom.

Every totalitarian society worships The Law.

When the Supreme Court overrules the will of the American people, it says it is "interpreting the Constitution." If you "interpret" the Constitution, you ARE the Constitution.

Barry Goldwater pointed out in his 1958 book, "The Conscience of a Conservative," that EVERY public official has to interpret the Constitution. He takes an oath to uphold the Constitution against all enemies, including an enemy in a black dress.

Who said the courts were supposed to be the Constitution? Certainly not the Constitution itself. If it meant that, it would have said it.

Who gave the Supreme Court the right to be the Constitution?

The Supreme Court did.

If one branch of government IS the Constitution, then the balance of powers between the different branches of government simply does not exist.