There was a report in the news that WHO, the World Health Organization, had announced that there would be no more blondes on earth in two hundred years. WHO had made no such announcement.

It will be a lot less than two hundred years before real blondes are wiped out. There will be people with blond hair in two hundred years but they will be yellow-haired people with Oriental or Negroid features.

If a black child suffers extreme vitamin deficiency, he develops reddish hair as a symptom. So in a world without whites, there will be plenty of fair-haired children. They'll just be sick colored people the way most people were before whites came along or they'll be horrible-looking mixes, also with food deficiencies.

Genocide against whites is an evil thing, but nobody likes to say so. Buchanan likes to say whites are disappearing, but it's only because they don't have enough religion or because we are getting an empire not a republic.

The most miscegenated countries on earth have plenty of religion. But brown countries with more religion are just as stagnant and hopeless as ones without. A world without whites will be the same way.

My deepest apologies to Pat Buchanan and to the Reverend Ike, but God will NOT provide you with a brand new Cadillac for giving money to the preacher.

But it sounds much better to talk about Family Values or about A Republic, Not an Empire than it does to say flatly that whites are unique and doing away with them is EVIL. No one dares say "I am white, and I refuse to give up my race."

See September 14, 2002 - White Race Traitors Are the True Idealists.

So we quote Alan Keyes to show how non-racist we are, and talk in grandiose terms about empires and Family Values.

Sorry, but the real world is not designed to let you say only what makes you look good. On Judgment Day the question will be what you did about two simple four-letter words, Good and Evil.