Satan has had many titles. He has been called "Old Dick" (as in "the Dickens you say!") and he has been called "The Lord of the Flies." But the name we need to look at here is "Father of Lies."

The great Christian writer C.S. Lewis wrote "The Screwtape Letters," which were supposed to be letters from a senior demon in Hell advising his nephew on how to damn souls. Screwtape praised the modern use of the word "equality." He said it was good, first of all, "because it is based on a good, sound resounding lie."

Hell hates the truth.

Every time you cross a border from a nation ruled by white-skinned people to a nation ruled by brown people, the standard of living drops like a rock.

No one knows why this drop takes place, we just know it ALWAYS happens, no matter what the history of the brown-skinned country might be. We all know you have to say that this is all an accident, absolutely and 100% pure accident, or you are anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

The fact is that absolutely nobody believes that all that is just an accident.

We all know this, so why does no one dare say it?

We cannot speak this truth because the ones who argue most ferociously that this is all an accident are the very ones who believe it the least. No black "leader" or white leftist believes his followers can rise without white giveaways and affirmative action.

Leftists know that if debate is allowed, they will lose. So they outlaw or shout down any disagreement. Truth does not need to suppress all opposition.

But why do many so-called "Christians" join them in this shouting against any challenge to Equality?