Today's cheap tricksters, like Clinton, depend on their big titles to make them not sound cheap.

I repeat, all cheap tricksters are equal.

When I say I would rather trust an old-fashioned, shabby hobo than I would a modern clergyman, I mean it. Modern clergymen all BELIEVE their cheap tricks are higher class than the same dodges by people who have no degree and no coat and tie.

If you believe that someone is not just one more cheap trickster because he wears a coat and tie or a bishop's robes, you are what the frauds call a sucker, a shill, a mark.

In other words, you're a stinkin' moron.

A cheap trickster takes and offers nothing in return.

You come to a doctor with a pain. If he deals with that pain, he is a doctor. Throughout history, people took their pain to cheap tricksters. The cheap tricksters would then tell them "pain we have always with us, suffer, my son." And the guy with the pain would pay them money. The last sentence is the important one.

A friend who comforts you is a friend. A friend who comforts you for money is not a friend.

I make one critical reservation. If a person who offers you nothing for something actually BELIEVES that what he is offering you is worthwhile, it is not fraud and he is not a cheap trickster.

But I make one critical reservation to that reservation. If a person says he is a Wise Man, he is supposed to KNOW his nonsense is nonsense. In fact, most cheap tricksters get away with it precisely because they think they are being Wise. If you sell Wisdom and you can't face the fact that you are a fool, that is fraud and you are cheap -- robes, ordinations, titles, degrees and all.

If you SELL Wisdom, you have no right to be a fool.