THE DARK AGE | 2004-12-25

Only college professors still cling to the fully discredited "Dark Age" nonsense. Not only were vitally important scientific advances made, but ideals of chivalry and nobility were established. Even Sherman and Lincoln couldn't burn them out in the old South.

The story of Excalibur in the legend of King Arthur made a profound point. Only one worthy of real leadership could pull it from the stone. "Smoke filled rooms," spin doctors, and focus groups weren't imaginable. The young Arthur had to grow into the role, but the material was there.

That same sort of character still existed in Lee, Jackson, and Davis. They didn't realize the extent of depravity in the Yankee leaders, and it cost us dearly. Who do the liberals and respectables hold up as models of great leadership? What more needs to be said.

We have been heading into a real "Dark Age" for a long time. From the very highest office on down, our "leaders" are DEMANDING an end to our race. Respectables are cheering them on.

Opposing them is a job only real Americans can do.