Iraq can never be free until it is broken down into sane parts.

When I was in Africa, a white government still ruled in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. We said that the minute the Communist guerrillas took over the government there, the big tribe would slaughter the smaller tribe.

Liberals said no such slaughter would take place.

As soon as black rule arrived, the majority tribe slaughtered the minority tribe.

Zimbabwe has had about three million Shona, the slaughterers, and two million Bele, the slaughterees.

Further north in Africa one tribe committed what even liberals admit was genocide on the other.

In every African country tribes hate each other or kill each other.

Liberals and respectable conservatives say that what is needed is Marxism or Social Progress or Christianity to make tribes stop killing each other.

Let me ask an unrespectable question. Why are those tribes that hate each other jammed together in the same country?

The reason was stated by General Wesley Clark, "There is no room in today's Europe for ethnically pure countries." As a liberal, Clark demands that American troops be used to force different people to live under the same government.

Russia is already destitute, but it is spending what little money it has forcing the Moslem country of Chechnya to stay within Russia.

It took Tito, an absolute tyrant, to hold the gaggle of peoples called Yugoslavia together. Once Tito died Yugoslavia fell apart. Now independent Croatia is at peace because it is made up of Croatians.

And where is the bleeding going on in old Yugoslavia?

War continues in areas where ethnic Albanians are forced to live in the same country with ethnic Serbs, of course. So we all agree that the solution to the problems there is to force these hostile groups to live together by force.

It is no accident that Iraq is a ridiculous combination of hostile peoples with Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds.

The moment the Communist tyranny ended, the Glorious Union, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, fell apart.

Killing people to force them to live under the same government is called "territorial integrity". It is the Lincoln legacy of "preserving the Union", which killed more Americans than all our other wars put together.

Preserving the Union is killing people today. It is the main engine of tyranny around the world.

Forcing hostile peoples under the same government to produce a tyranny is a very, very old tactic.

Romans called it "Divide and conquer".