Liberals say that Calvin Coolidge was evil because he said "The business of America is business." They say the business of America is enforcing equality and integrating all white majority countries.

Conservatives say that they agree that What America Is All About is "all men are created equal." But they say that this should be done by capitalist means. Business will use the Free Market to bring third world labor into Europe, America, and other white countries.

Conservatives agree with liberals that making the first world brown is What America is All About, but they insist that ridding the world of white people can be done best by following Coolidge's motto, "The business of America is business."

The problem is not whether Equality should be enforced in the name of God, Social Progress or Capitalism. The problem is, as usual, that neither conservatives nor liberals have the slightest idea what they are talking about.

It was Teddy Roosevelt, not Calvin Coolidge, who is first quoted as saying "the business of America is business." Any person of reasonable intelligence knows that such an obvious pun would have been made thousands of times before even Teddy Roosevelt was born.

Benjamin Franklin probably said "The business of America is minding your business" when he was debating in favor of "Mind your business" as our national motto.

The sense of Franklin's "Mind your Business" motto is enshrined in the Preamble to the United States Constitution. The real founding document of this country says the exact opposite of "all men are created equal."

The Constitution of the United States says very specifically what the United States is NOT about. It dedicates America to the people OF THE UNITED STATES, to "OURSELVES AND OUR POSTERITY."

The United States Constitution starts with the declaration that all the United States Government is about is minding our own business and taking care of our own people.

The genius of the Founders was not what they felt America Is All About, but their conviction that America would never make Europe's mistakes. The genius of the Founding Fathers lies in their realizing what America AIN'T.