THE BROWN RULE | 2005-02-05

Jesus taught the Golden Rule, that we should do to others as we would want them to do to us. Leftists and respectables of all stripes teach us the "Brown Rule." That is that we should turn the world brown.

Our parents and their parents and so on back thousands of years practiced the Golden Rule. They did to us as they would have done to them. They did to us as was done to them. We were born white because our parents practiced the Golden Rule. Anywhere along the line in the thousands of years leading up to now, our ancestors could have taken a "left" turn and sent us into a world of browness. But they didn't.

Now, after every single prediction made by the segregationists has turned out to be an understatement, we have our "respectable" preachers and politicians demanding that we make that left turn. After being able to see firsthand in every city in the country the result of this, and on TV the squalor all around the world, at a time no one in the west has any excuse for being ignorant of the consequences, we are being led and forced down this path.

If that doesn't tell you everything you need to know about "respectables," then I give up.