Over the years I have become a real connoisseur of liberal spokesmen. I have debated with thousands of them. Liberals have given up trying to say that any policy that liberals demand actually works.

Liberals can't defend their policies on practical grounds, so all they have left is guilt or moral righteousness. They follow the old lawyers' adage, "If you have no case, attack like hell."

When it comes to guilt and moral righteousness the best spokesmen are black. A black liberal can repeat every liberal line with a speed and deftness whites cannot match.

But all I ever see as the liberal spokesman is a lily white person. In fact, the spokesman on the liberal side is usually a White Anglo-Saxon, Protestant or Catholic. Bill Press is MSNBC's official liberal. How white can you get?

The only reason there is any leftist power left in America is because liberals own the minority vote. Yet they do not allow anything like their quota of black spokesmen, accented Hispanic spokesmen, or any other minority. Meanwhile liberals constantly demand racial quotas for everybody else.

I demand that Bill Press give his job to a member of a minority group.

I am serious about this. Press demands that other whites give up their jobs or schools for minorities, so he should take the lead.

The situation is worse at CNN. On Crossfire the two liberal spokesmen are not only white, they're white SOUTHERNERS! White Southerners are about the bottom of the liberal vote category, so their quota as liberal spokesmen should be very, very low.

The two Southern whites who are Crossfire's permanent professional liberals demand that all other whites give up their jobs to minorities. I demand they give up their jobs immediately.

And yes, I am perfectly serious.