Every race had slavery throughout its entire history.

No white ever captured blacks for the slave trade, as "Roots" says they did. It made no sense. Blacks were happy to sell other blacks into the hell of slave ships, and they did it very cheaply.

But whites did one thing that no other race ever did.

Whites FREED their slaves.

Whites did something ELSE that no other race ever did: they forced others to free THEIR slaves. Britain forced Kunte Kinte's homeland to free its slaves in 1905. If Kinte was as high a person as "Roots" claims, it is likely that his family owned slaves.

When the poor innocent "Native Americans" (the ones we pay reparations to) came to America, they did what every other people did when they came in: They slaughtered the locals and took their land (July 7, 2001 - SURPRISE, **INDIANS** KILLED THE NATIVE AMERICANS! YES, WHAT WE CALL **NATIVE AMERICANS** KILLED THE REAL NATIVE AMERICANS)

The only thing whites did to the Indians that was unique was to provide reservations to the natives they were driving out. No other race ever did that.

Every nonwhite race either slaughtered or enslaved the locals when they moved into new land.

In Africa two thousand years ago, the ancestors of today's Hottentots occupied almost all of sub-Saharan Africa. This "Capoid" race occupied the continent all the way through Nigeria. Today Hottentots have been wiped out everywhere but in a tiny area of southern Africa.

Black Africans took Africa from the Hottentot race (the "Capoids") and slaughtered them. In other words, the poor, innocent blacks did the same thing in Africa that the Indians did in America.

These are the people whites are supposed to pay reparations to for colonialism and for slavery.

The only reason there are any Hottentots left today is because of the white Afrikaaners, the Boers. These whites moved into Africa just as the black Zulus were finishing off the Hottentots. This murdered race was being driven to the end of Africa, to be slaughtered as the others had been. But the whites who moved into Africa stopped the advance of the blacks and saved the remnant of this "Capoid" race from them.

Every race has routinely wiped out other races. Only whites ever SAVED one.