If conservatives don't want homosexuals kissing on network television, they have to respect my right to object to blacks and blonds kissing on national television. Until they stop thinking like Yankees, they're hypocrites.

"Ally McBeal" is a television show that is wildly popular with young people. It is about an unmarried woman of about thirty who is a lawyer in a really hip law firm in Boston. She is pro-homosexual and once said that if a particularly bad decision was made in court, "We might as well be in Alabama."

But when the blond Ally McBeal had her obligatory love affair with a black man, fans raised hell. The network was absolutely stunned. Surely all those "with it" young people would be all for an interracial affair! One fan of the show in a newsgroup I was in said he or she had stopped watching the show when that happened.

Like all liberals, the show's producers are living in the 1960s. The hippie creed said that "The white race is the cancer of history." Intermarriage was the Final Solution to the White Problem, and hip young people in the 1960s praised it to the skies. No trendy person in the 60s generation would dare object to interracial sex.

Interracial kissing is ugly. Many of today's young people don't know that they are not ALLOWED to object to it. So they did object, big time. To repeat, "Ally McBeal" executives were totally astonished. If they allowed this kind of criticism they would be in the same dog house with Lott and Moran and Santorum.

Normally the network executives would have told viewers to go to the Bad Place if they didn't like this interracial affair. To show how desperate networks are to court trendy opinion, CBS gave up a solid Top Ten lineup by 1970 because hit shows like "The Beverley Hillbillies" and "Green Acres" were getting them laughed at at their cocktail parties.

It is simply not true that the bottom line in show business is money. CBS threw away huge fortunes to get rid of its reputation in fashionable circles as "the hick network."

When you see how desperate these products of the 60s are to court fashionable opinion, you would think they would have put Ally McBeal right in bed with her black lover to show viewers who was boss.

Instead, McBeal begged the black man for sex but HE refused. No more of the kissing that fans objected to. That must have been a hell of a lot of fans!

And these were fans who showed every sign of supporting gay rights and abortion.

These young people don't like to see a blond girl kissing a black man. Unlike their elders, they don't realize that they are not allowed to say that.