With George W's victory, it will be the second time in American history that a father and a son were both presidents. John Adams was president from 1797 to 1801, and his son, John Quincy Adams, was president from 1825-1829.

There are other similarities between the Adams duo and the present Bush duo. John Adams, the father, was elected because the sitting president, George Washington, designated him as his successor. When Adams ran on his own in 1800, he lost.

Exactly like the other president who was father of a later president, George Bush, Senior, was selected by Ronald Reagan as his successor. But when he ran on his own in 1992, he lost.

George W. Bush was elected by less popular votes than his opponent. John Quincy Adams got a lot less votes in 1824 than the man he defeated, Andrew Jackson. Like John Q., George W. is likely to lose in 2004.

I doubt there are many knowledgeable people who disagree with me that Bush, Jr. is a one-termer. We also all know that the Republicans will lose their majority in both Houses of Congress in 2002.

Remember that what Bush is trying to do is please the media by being completely different from that evil partisan Gingrich. And what the Republicans have right now is the same majority that evil Gingrich won for them six years ago. The media want the good old fashioned bipartisan moderates back, the ones who always lost. Bush will bring back those good old days.

There is one more little similarity between the Adamses and the Bushes that needs mentioning. After John Adams, his opponents, the Jeffersonian Democrats, took over American politics for twenty-four years, from 1801-1825. . After the senior Bush, the Democrats got their first elected two-term president since Franklin Roosevelt.

After John Quincy Adams had his four years, his opponents, the Jackson Democrats, took over American politics until 1861.

I think we all know what happened then.