You are comparing the tribal situation today with the non-tribal situation of yesterday. Whites are late on this global trend (the global trend is tribalism). As you have said:" I never thought they would get it". It is damn near impossible to buy out leaders in a tribal situation. It is too dangerous and there is more profit in representing the tribe. Ask Putin and his boys whose full time job has been 'what is good for the Slav'.

On a bus with me, you think someone could buy off the white kid in charge of speaking for the group? It is possible of course, but not probable. The difference is pressure and the thought of danger. White Leaders have been financially rewarded for selling out. When it becomes physically dangerous things change and money has a slightly different meaning. And that is how it works.

If someone tried to buy me off to sell out my pals on the bus in the morning, my first thought would be: "How in the hell are you going to protect me?".

Unless you got a condo on mars for the traitors, you got a tough sell. Don't get me wrong. Some fool will sell out Teddy Kennedy style and then get strung up or his house will get burned down with him in it and things change immediately.

Danger focuses the mind and tribal environments are always dangerous, especially for traitors. Just go to Russia and ask a journalist to write a piece about Slavic racism in Chechnya and criticize Putin for it.

A few have done it, of course. Look what happened to them: I just read a piece about an anti-racist who was testifying against some skinhead boys. One evening a bunch of hooded Slavic women showed up and beat her with hammers. This is a tribal situation. How many Mike Nifongs you gonna do in a tribal society where it pays but the damn cost is HIGH.

Bob, the money may beckon but it will either be too dangerous or there will be more opportunity and money by NOT being a traitor.

Comment by Tim