When Jamie Kelso really got the point of the Mantra, he stated its lesson perfectly, he said:

"Our leadership has been AWOL for twenty years."

I wonder if Kelso himself understands how dead accurate that analysis was.

While our race has been subjected to a titanic program of genocide, the pro-white leadership hasn't even MENTIONED it. Until they get off of theories of part Jewish ancestry and charges of "womanizing," we have to stand in the breach they leave.

Only BUGS is out there fighting.

This may be because we expect to win.

The real explanation to my mind is that a movement which expects to lose concentrates more and more on doctrinal purity. They are offended at what is going on, but the only thing can keep one sane in such a case if to cling ever tighter to the few others one considers sane.

It is a lot like planning a funeral: We are going down and we only want to go down with others who are Pure of Heart.

BUGS is the only pro-white group that concentrates entirely on getting out there and fighting.

We are the Alamo and the Three Hundred Spartans, but without the cost they paid.

Those at the Alamo and those Spartans knew damned well that they had to die where they were just to give their countries time to stop drooling and get serious. The Spartans were alone because Athens was celebrating a religious festival and while the few got sleep deprivation at the Alamo all was politics as usual in the rest of Texas.

The martyrs of the Alamo and the Spartans were willing to die to give their countrymen time to drool.

They expected to die.

But they also knew their side would win.

Meanwhile their comrades were, as Kelso said, AWOL.