The Minutemen are on the border. All the Proper Authorities are asking," what are a bunch of civilians, people WE did not appoint, doing patrolling the border!?" The answer, you self-righteous clowns, is that it is THEIR border.

Just like professors, law enforcement authorities are not concerned anymore with whether the border is protected. They have become a self-contained, hothouse bureaucracy. The courts have ruled that law enforcement has no obligation to protect citizens.

The only concern of the law enforcement bureaucracy has been to maintain their monopoly on the right to have guns. The Border Patrol is concerned with its exclusive right to patrol the border.

When a citizen must carry a firearm to protect himself, it never occurs to a policeman that, since he is paid to protect the public, a citizen with a gun who has no police record may indicate he is not doing his job. His only concern is to arrest that person for violating his own gun monopoly.

It never occurs to the Border Patrol or the authorities that a lot of citizens are spending their own money and time to protect the border they GET PAID to protect. Their only concern is that their own monopoly over the border protection business is being infringed on.

This is the same attitude the NEA and professors have. The NEA objects to any tests about how many students are learning about the subjects YOU PAY them to teach. They tell us right to our faces that "education" is what THEY say it is, and we civilians have no right to interfere.

Professors claim that a college education is whatever they decide it is. You and I give them their money and power over our children. Like the border patrol, the police and the courts, the NEA and professors say you and I have no right to stick our noses into THEIR business.

I want to start the rebellion against the professor bureaucracy. Everybody knows it is a leftist training camp. As the President of George Washington University said, "If anybody has a mortarboard, you can move your tassels from right to left, right to left, which is what I hope happened to your politics in the last four years."

The reason the professors are our first targets is not just because they are so obviously priests of leftism. Everybody knows that.

The reason professors should be our first target is because they have made a legion of enemies, all waiting for some attack on the academic bureaucracy. Tens of millions of young people are paying off back-breaking college loans, and I have never met a one who didn't say that his four required years of college were a waste of critical years of his life.

There are many millions more, the parents who must break their family budget preparing for ever-climbing costs of tuition.

Professors require you and me, who pay their salaries, to have ID to even appear on their campuses. We have no right to even post OUR opinions there. Professors have every right to push their opinions in the name of Academic Freedom.

We could start an incident if citizens went to the President of the University and asked where THEY could post THEIR opinions. Like the Border Patrol, they would demand to know what right we have to be on campuses we pay for, the campuses OUR young people MUST attend.

I know all about how they would wriggle and pass the buck. You need to do this while Old Bob is still around to cut them down.

Read my book:

An "incident" like your using my guidance to face a college president is where revolutions begin, and this is a safe one.

If you make it start, I'll guide you. When you start the incidents, we'll hold press conferences. Only then can you get money. There is money available. But it requires people who have the guts to start the news item.

The revolution will be against ALL bureaucracies who work for themselves at our expense. But it has to START somewhere. The campus is the place to start.

The Minutemen and other movements demonstrate this revolution is seething and ready to break out. But others do not know how to make it happen, and how to see through all the blinds the other side will put up the way Bob does. Use me while I am here.